Teacher: Assistant Professor Christos S. Chrissanthis

(E Mail: christos.chrisanthis[at]gmail[dot]com)


Commencement of courses

Wednesday 14th October 2020, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

(on line course on the web through the Google Meet Platform.

Link to connect:


The lectures for the course INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW shall commence on the date stated above. Lectures will take place on line by way of a video conference in the Google Meet platform. The link to connect to the video conference is stated above.

The lectures will continue on a weekly basis each Wednesday, same time as above.

The course concentrates mainly on trademarks and non-registered distinctive signs. However, it also briefly covers issues like patents, designs and other intellectual property rights.

The law of intellectual property is very much uniform worldwide. In the EU countries the law on trademarks is found in Regulation 2017/1001 EU and Directive 2015/2436 EU. This is the legislation on which the course will concentrate. Moreover, the course concentrates on case law from the General Court of the EU and the Court of Justice of the EU. So, students from countries other than Greece will have the chance to study the law as it applies to their home jurisdictions also.

Teaching materials for the course can be found on the E Class platform of our university. In the E Class platform, there is a link for INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW (ERASMUS) (LAW263). Students must obtain access to the E Class platform using the username and password provided by the university. I have recently deleted all students who have registered in the past; so, if you have registered recently, you many need to register again.