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Contact Details

e-mail address: stefpantaz[at]yahoo[dot]gr


Stefanos Pantazopoulos is a Professor in the field of Civil Procedure Law. He has been a member of the Faculty of Law since 2003, teaching at the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate level. He has studied in Athens and Geneva (Switzerland). He is also a judge (President) at the Court of Appeal in Athens.  

He is a member in various scientific Associations.

Selected Publications

  1. Third Party Opposition in the Greek Civil Procedure Code, 1989
  2. Code of Civil Procedure- Commentary by Article (Kerameus, Kondylis, Nikas), Art. 495-551,583-590 2020
  3. Methods of Appeal and Oppositions, 2020
  4. Reopening of judgments due to the finding of new documents (Art. 544 nr.7 Civil Procedure Code), 2005
  5. Reopening of judgments due to false evidence (Art. 544 nr. 6 Civil Procedure Code), 2009
  6. European Order for Payment Procedure, 201a2
  7. Opposition against Order for Payment, 4th ed 2019
  8. The Impleader according to the Code of Civil Procedure, 1995
  9. Civil Procedure Law, 3th ed. 2016
  10. Recusal of judges, 1992