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Philosophy of Law

Visiting address                      Contact Details

Akadimias 45                          pvassil[at]law.uoa[dot]gr

3rd Floor, Room 308                   tel. 2103688613



Philippos Vassiloyannis is Professor of Philosophy of Law. His areas of interest include philosophy of law, moral and political philosophy, bioethics, and metaethics.




  • Philosophy after John Rawls (Athens: Eurasia Publications, 2020, under publication)
  • Autonomy and Bioethical Coercion: A Critical Casuistry (Heraklion: Crete University Press, 2020)
  • Hatred of Liberal Democracy (Athens: Eurasia Publications, 2019)
  • Persons, Reasons, and Things: Ownership and Non-Distributive Justice (Athens: Eurasia Publications, 2015)

 Articles and Contributions in Collective Works

  • “Michel Troper, Constitution and Legal Realism”, Δικαιώματα του Ανθρώπου 79 (2019)
  • “The Intrinsic Value of Human Life According to Ronald Dworkin”, Βιοηθικά (2015)
  • “Ética discursive, positivismo juridico y el derecho”, in Derecho, derechos y discurso: La filosofía jurídica de Robert Alexy (Bogotá: Universidad Externado de Colombia, 2013), (= “Ética do discurso, positivism juridico e direito”, in Dimitri Dimoulis and Écio Oto Duarte [eds], Theoria do direito neoconstitucional: superação ou reconstrução do positivismo jurídico? [São Paulo: Meditora Método, 2008]), = “Discourse Ethics, Legal Positivism, and the Law”, in George Pavlakos [ed.], Law, Rights and Discourse: Themes from the Legal Philosophy of Robert Alexy [London: Hart Publishing, 2007])
  • “Nikolaos N. Saripolos und die Anwendung der sogenannten juristischen Methode“, in Georg Kassimatis και Michael Stolleis (eds), Verfassungsgeschichte und Staatsrechtslehre: Griechisch-deutsche Wechselwirkungen (Frankfurt a. M.: Vittorio Klostermann, 2001)