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Member of the Greek Data Protection Authority


A. Biographical note

Born 1962, Athensmatriculated and studied at the Department of Law of the Law Faculty of Athens University; top scholarship of the National Scholarship Foundation in each year of his studies; graduated with first-class honours. First Special Postgraduate Scholarship in the 1st Private Law Section of the Department of Law of the Athens University Law School. Unanimously first-class doctor's degree in Law by the University of Athens (thesis on Pecuniary Obligation’s Doctrine). First State Scholarship Foundation scholarship for post-doctoral research in Civil Law. Member of the Advisory Board of the Society for European Contract Law (SECOLA). Participant of the standing conference ‘The Common Core of European Private Law - The Trento Project’, co-ordinated by U. Mattei and M. Bussani, as the Greek reporter on

Barrister and solicitor of ERGA OSE SA (state company managing the projects, jointly financed by the EU, of the investment programme of the Hellenic Railways Organisation); solicitor of the ASYK SA company (the first Greek company providing services in certifying electronic signatures).

Responsible for the teaching of practising lawyers at the Athens Bar Association (1997-2007)

Member of legislative drafting committees, mainly working on the adaptation of Greek legislation to Community Directives, e.g. on electronic signatures (Dir. 1999/93), electronic commerce (Dir. 2000/31), public projects and contracts (Dir. 1992/13). Examiner in the examinations of the Council for the Selection of Personnel (2002-2003). National delegate to stakeholders' network of the European Union on the creation of a Common Frame of Reference in the field of Contract Law. Unanimously first-class doctor’s degree in Philosophy by the University of Athens (2010, thesis on applied ethics). Ex-alternate (2011-2013), ordinary (2013-2019) Member of the Greek Data Protection Authority. Ex-Alternate member of the National Human Rights Commission. Ex-Special member of the National Committee on Geo-information.

B. Academic career and teaching duties

C. Christodoulou teaches Civil Law at the University of Athens as scientific assistant, as Adjunct Professor with the rank of Lecturer (1999), as Lecturer (2002), Assistant Professor (2007), Deputy Professor (2013), Ordinary (First Class) Professor (2016), unanimously elected in any degree. In particular he has taught / teaches lessons in the following fields:

Undergraduate level

  • General Principles of Civil Law
  • General and Special Law of Obligations
  • Succession Law
  • Copyright Law
  • Applications of Civil Law.

Postgraduate level

  • E-Commerce Law
  • Personal Data Protection Law
  • Sport Law, Land Registry
  • EU- Private Law
  • Legal Methodology
  • Genetic Technology and Civil Law.


C. Research and other academic activities

Prof. Christodoulou studied, carried out research, and took part in seminars at the following universities: Ludwig Maximilian Universität, Munich (Institute of Private and Civil Law of Prof. C.-W. Canaris), Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Frankfurt, and Max Planck Institut für Geistiges Eigentum, Wettbewerbs- und Steurrecht [today: für Innovation und Wettbewerb]. He has taken part in and delivered papers at a large number of conferences, both Greek and international.

Principal papers read by Prof. Christodoulou:

In Greek

  • 'Education on the cusp between Public and Private Law', at the Forensic Studies Centre, 9-1-2008.
  • 'Cameras in public places - questions of legality and expedience', at a symposium held by the Law Students' Research Group, at the Law Library, 28-1-2008.
  • 'Aristotelian features in the contemporary methodology of law?' at the Forensic Studies Centre, 16-4-2008.
  • 'Self-destruction or civil self-determination?' at the standing conference on Psychiatry and Law, University of Athens - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Patra Bar Association, Patra 24-5-2008.
  • 'The impacts of the theft or loss of credit cards' at a conference held by the Union of Greek Banks, Grande Bretagne Hotel, 25-9-2008.
  • 'Issues of competition on electronic networks' at a conference held by the Kalamata Bar Association, 14-3-2009.

In other languages:

  • Standard Contract Terms in Greece, at Society for European Contract Law (SECOLA) Conference in Prague, 18-6-2005 < vortraege/prague/IV-2Christodoulou.pdf>
  • The 'New 'Rights-Discourse' at an international conference held by the Max-Plank-Institut, Munich on the general topic of Boundaries on Intellectual Property (BIP-Konferenz), Munich, 11-13/9/ 2008.
  • 'Die Entflechtungspflicht', at an international (Greek - German) symposium under the aegis of the Law Schools of the University of Athens and the Free University of Berlin (Kleines Symposium der juristischen Fakultäten Universität Athen und Freie Universität Berlin), Athens, 26-9-2008.
  • ‘'The fate of the insurance compensation for a traffic accident in the event of the succession in inheritance of the perpetrator by the victim’, at the Motor Insurance Working Party (MIWP) at the international conference of 8-5- 2014 of the Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances (AIDA).

He has taken part in both the 2 editions the article-by-article interpretation of the Civil Code (Georgiades - Stathopoulos, Interpretation of the Civil Code)

As attorney C. Christodoulou has represented the Greek State at the European Court of Justice.


D. Publications

I. Monographs

1. 'Pecuniary obligation in view of the euro regulations' (doctoral thesis), publ. A. Sakkoulas, 1998.

2. 'Electronic documents and the electronic juridical act after the new Community regulations' - Foreword by G. Kallimopoulos, publ. A. Sakkoulas, 1st ed. 2001, pp. xxiii + 279, 2nd ed. 2004, pp. xxiii + 300.

3. 'Prescription - Guarantee - Recourse - Exemption clauses', in the collection of papers on 'The new law of liability of the vendor', ed. P. Papanikolaou, publ. A. Sakkoulas, 2003, pp. 458 - 638.

4. 'Protection of personality and of freedom of contract in public sector networks. Personal data and competition in energy, communications and transfers', publ. A. Sakkoulas, 2007.

5. 'Symviosis between family law and the law of obligation - the example of the civil partnership', publ. A. Sakkoulas, 2012, pp. xxiv + 264.

6. 'Error, fraud, threat - the general grounds for annulment of juridical acts - a contribution to the theory of defects of the juridical act', 2016, pp. i - xxviiii, 1 - 378.

7. 'Law of Personal Data' (with case law references and an introduction by Michael Stathopoulos incorporated into the text), 2013, pp. i - xxi, 1 - 162.

8. 'Land Registry Law I', 2013, pp. i - xii, 1 - 77.

9. 'Electronic Civil Law', 1st ed., 2008, pp. i - xxx, 1 - 188, 2nd ed., 2013, pp. i - xxxv, 1 - 225.

10. 'Succession in Copyright - Reflections on Competition and International Private Law', 2017, introduction by L. Kotsiris, pp. i - xiii + 1 - 236


II. Course books

Copyright Law (2018)


III. Other Publications

11. 'Nature and extent of the binding power of the Greek Supreme Special [Constitutional] Court’s decisions', D 1992, 96 - 110.

12. 'The adoption of adults - pathologies of an institution', publ. A Sakkoulas, pp. 123 - 156

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14. 'The Church and the State faced with separation?', Synaxi journal, 78 - 87.

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16. 'Truth or phenomenon of law the biological and socio-emotional criterion in affinity?' intervention at the 1st Conference of the Hellenic Civil Law Association, pp. 267 - 282 in the minutes of the conference, pub. Ant. N. Sakkoulas, 1995 ~  'Genetic truth and a phenomenon of law in affinity (towards a unification of the law of paternity / maternity)', KritE 1995 / 1.

17. 'Pure Economic Loss: Aspects of an Anglosaxon Legal Issue under Greek Law', RHDI 51, 1998. (in English)

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72. 'The confidentiality of electronic communications after the test of the DEE - the annulment of the Data Retention Directive and its impacts on national law', ToS 2014, 213-246 = publication in the electronic journal %B9% CE% BD/.


III. Editing of research projects

73. 'Defrauding of creditors, civil, penal and procedural application' (as to the civil aspect, with Prof. L. Margaritis as editor of the penal perspective), Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2013.

74. K. Saïtakis, 'The new civil partnership', Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2016.