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Civil Procedural Law

4, Iraklitou St., 106 73 Athens

Email: idelikostopoulos[at]gmail[dot]com


Ioannis Delikostopoulos completed his undergraduate studies at the London School of Economics (LL.B. 1991) and his graduate studies at the University of Paris-II Panthéon-Assas (Maîtrise en droit 1992, D.E.A. en droit privé 1993, Docteur en droit 1999). During the academic year 1997-1998, he was a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School under the supervision of Joseph H. Weiler.

He is currently Associate Professor at the University of Athens and an Attorney at Law before the Greek Supreme Court. His areas of interest are civil procedural law, and European procedural law. At the Athens Law School, he teaches civil procedure and European procedural law at both undergraduate and graduate level.

Selected Publications

He is the author of books and articles and has contributed in collective works. These include: Provisional Orders in Civil Procedural Law, Sakkoulas Publications 2019, The Pursuit of Truth in Civil Proceedings, Sakkoulas Publications 2016, Issues Regarding the Application of Regulation 1215/2012 on International Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments, Sakkoulas Publications 2nd edition, 2019, 1st edition 2016, Procedural Grounds of Cassation, Sakkoulas Publications 2009, Judicial Discretion in the Assessment of Evidence in Civil Proceedings, A. Sakkoulas 2004, Le procès civil à l’épreuve du droit processuel européen, LGDJ 2003, préface S. Guinchard. He is one of the contributors in the collective work ‘Droit Processuel’, currently in its tenth edition (Dalloz 2019).