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Private Commercial Law

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Iakovos Venieris completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Athens (1999), his postgraduate studies at the University of Köln (LLM 2001) and his doctoral studies at the University of Athens (PhD 2005).

He is member of the Board in the Company for Research in Commercial and Finance Law (EMEOD).

His areas of interest include commercial law, banking law, consumer law, and intellectual property law.

He is the author of seven monographs and numerous articles, his principal monographs are : Public - Private Partnerships – The PPP contractual framework, Nomiki Bibliothiki Group 2007, pages 648; Community credit institutions (establishment via a branch, provision of services, member-state supervision), Ant. Sakkoulas 2006, pages 364; Asset Securitisation (asset backed securites) pursuant to Law 3156/2003 under the spectrum of international practice, Ant. Sakkoulas 2005 (Thesis), pages XXXIV+783; Prepayment of Loan, Ant. Sakkoulas, (1st Edition 2003), 2nd Edition 2005, pages XX+174; Buy-out and sell out of minority shares in an SA, Nomiki Bibliothiki Group, 2009, pages 305; Application of Law 3869/2010 for over-indebted individuals, Nomiki Bibliothiki Group, 2015 3rd Edition, pages 975; The establishment of Societes Anonymes – from the States’ license to the “One-stop-shop” procedure, 2019 pages 245.


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  • Honorary volume for Professor N. Rokas, participation in the study “National patent: The most significant reasons of annulment and the raise of nullification argument before the civil courts” (under publication).
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