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Contact Details

Haris Pamboukis




Professor Pamboukis’ academic career started in 1991 when he was unanimously elected as Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Athens. In 2009, he was unanimously elected as full time Professor of Private International Law in the said Faculty. In 2003, he taught at the prestigious Hague Academy of International Law, a special course on the "Holistic Private International Law - Uniform Law and Private International Law”).  The Curatorium of the Hague academy of international law has assigned to him to teach the General Course of the Private International Law Session in 2024.

He is the Director of the Hellenic Institute of Foreign and International Law (publishing the Revue Hellénique de droit international).

Professor Haris Pamboukis has also vast experience as leading Greek attorney in international private law cases and international adjudication and arbitration.


Selected Publications

He is the editor of “The Law of International Transactions”, he is the director of the Nomiki Bibliothiki series “Studies in Private International Law and International Transactions”, distinguished in International Business Transactions. He has also published (in 2019) the General Part of Private International Law edited by him, edited a Commentary on the Succession Regulation both in English and Greek and is the author of many monographs and  multiple articles in Greek, French and English.  He is the author of two treaties and several books (monographies) as well as several articles written in Greek, French and English.


Ancillary Activities

He is a reputable attorney-at-law, Founding Partner of “Pamboukis, Maravelis, Nikolaidis & Associates Law Firm”. He is also an expert in international arbitration and is experienced in mediation and international negotiations on international trade issues.