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Undergraduate degree (2000):  National and Kapodistrian UniversityofAthensSchool of Law, Department of Law (grade: “Very Good”)

Postgraduate studies (2000-2002):  National and Kapodistrian UniversityofAthensSchool of Law, Sector of Theory and History of Law (History, Philosophy, Sociology and Ecclesiastical Law), speciality: Ecclesiastical Law (grade: “Excellent”). Special Postgraduate Scholar (1.1.2001 – 30.12.2001) of the Sector of History and Theory of Law and, after successful examinations, of the State Scholarship Foundation (2001-2002 and 2004-2006)

Doctoral Thesis (2009): National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (grade: “Excellent”). Title of Doctoral Thesis: “The formulation of the concept of religious freedom in the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation”


Associate Professor


Theory and History of Law (History, Philosophy, Sociology and Ecclesiastical Law)


++30 210 3688607









Ι. Undergraduate:

Ecclesiastical Law (Mandatory Elective Module – Fifth semester).

Seminar in History, Philosophy, Sociology and Ecclesiastical Law; major: Special Ecclesiastical Regimes in Greece (Free Elective Module – Eighth semester). 

ΙΙ. Postgraduate:

Winter semester: I. Sources of Ecclesiastical Law, II. The Dialectic of Legality and Canonicity

Spring semester: I. Translocal Ecclesiastical Law, II. Ecclesiastical Law and Court Practice


Scientific Partner of the General Secretariat of Religions (2003-2004)

Member of the Secretarial Board and the Editorial Board of the Ecclesiastical and Canonical Law Review “Nomokanonika”

Founding member and Vice-President of the Governing Council of the association with the name “Ecclesiastical and Canonical Law Society”

Member of the Doctrinal and Legal-Canonical Matters Committee of the Church of Greece



















1. Books:

1. Religious freedom according to the jurisprudence of the Court of Cassation [= Ecclesiastical Law Library. Series: Β, Studies, 1], Athens-Thessaloniki: Α. Ν. Sakkoulas Publications, 2010, pp. 444.

2. Aspects of parochial administrative organisation in the Church of Patras in the 19th and 20th centuries (1830-1930) (on the basis of unpublished archival sources), Patras: Peloponnisos Publications, 2017, pp. 308.

3. The Independent Authorities on religious issues (Ombudsman – Hellenic Data Protection Authority), Athens-Thessaloniki:  Sakkoulas Publications, 2018, pp. XVI + 186.

4. (with V. Κ. Markos), The law of burial and cremation,

 Athens-Thessaloniki: Sakkoulas Publications, 2021, pp. XIΧ + 211.


2. Articles/Contributions:

1. “Entry into and stay on Mount Athos”, Nomokanonika 2/2006, pp. 73-104 (also available is an offprint with the same page numbering, including an English abstract).

2. “The transferability of bishops in the Church of Greece”, Nomokanonika 2/2007, pp. 35-68.

3. “Blood transfusion refusal by Jehovah’s Witnesses. A religious freedom issue”, Nomokanonika 2/2008, pp. 91-105.

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5. “The regime of the Orthodox Church in Albania”, Nomokanonika 1/2011, pp. 31-88.

6. “The provisions on religion of the 1911 Constitution – On the occasion of the centennial of its adoption”, Theologia 83 (2012) 345-354.

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8. “On the prescription of parsons’ wages”, Ephimerios 63 (2014) 31-32.

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