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Professor of Public Law

Visiting address                      Contact Details

Akadimias 47                    e-mail: gdellis[at]law.uoa[dot]gr

1st Floor                             Tel.: 210-3688646


Prof. George (Georgios) DELLIS

George DELLIS is a professor of Public Law at the Athens Law Faculty, Head of the LLM programs of the same School in the fields of Public Law and a former member of the Greek Supreme Special Court (2019-2021). He is also the founding and managing partner of the “Dellis and partners law firm” and an active lawyer at the Athens Bar Association.

George DELLIS was born in Athens (1967). He graduated from the Athens Law Faculty in Greece in 1988, before following postgraduate studies in Paris France (Université Paris II- Pantheon Assas). George obtained a PhD in 1994 with distinction (très honorable avec félicitations du jury) working on the relationship between administrative and criminal law in the field of administrative sanctions. He was also attributed the ability to teach and to conduct researches in French Universities (habilitation à diriger des recherches en Droit). After teaching as a Lecturer at the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht (1994), George joined the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (currently, Court of Justice of the European Union) as Référendaire (legal assistant) at the Cabinet of the Advocate General, Mr. Cosmas between 1996 and 2000. As of 2003, George teaches at the Athens Law Faculty together with other academic institutions in Greece and abroad (mainly, Sciences-Po in Paris France, Bahcesehir in Istanbul Turkey and UMich Law School, Ann Arbor, MI, US). As of 2019, he represents Greece at the High Council of the European University Institute in Florence.

George has also served as judge, member of the Greek Special Court of art 99 of the Hellenic Constitution (2018) and of the Greek Supreme Special Court (2019-2021). He combines academic activities with liberal profession, being member of the Athens Bar Association and practicing mainly before the Supreme national and European Courts. He has been appointed by the Hellenic Government or Parliament in various committees for the preparation of legislative texts. George’s fields of expertise include all various fields of public law, both domestic and European. He mainly teaches Public Law, Environmental Law and Law and Economics. George has published various legal books and more than 80 articles or contributions in collective works, in Greek, English and French.


Major Publications.

  •  “L’influence du droit pénal sur le droit administratif répressif ” (in French, ed. LGDJ, Paris, 1997),
  • European Environmental Law” (in Greek, ed Sakkoulas, Athens, 1998),
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  • Public Utilities and the Market: Vol. I. and II (in Greek, Ant. N. Sakkoulas eds., Athens, 2008),  
  • Can you teach an old public law system new trick? The Greek experience on good regulation, in Auby J.-B., Perroud Th. (ed), Regulatory Impact Assessment, (INAP Paris 2013),
  • Greek Administrative Justice in the Quest of Reasonable Time”, (in Greek, Nomiki Vivliothiki eds, Athens 2013),
  • Application for just satisfaction according to Law 4055/2012”, (in Greek, Nomiki Vivliothiki ed., Athens 2013),
  • Administrative Sanctions in Greece, in Jansen O. (ed), Administrative Sanctions in the European Union, (Intersentia Publishing, The Netherlands 2013),
  • Administrative Enforcement, Procedure, Challenging in Tzouganatos D. (ed), Competition Law in Greece, (Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, The Netherlands 2015),
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  • Demos and Agora. Public Law Under the Spotlight of Economic Analysis” (in Greek, Eurasia publications, Athens 2018)
  • The relationship between domestic and EU policy developments: the Greek case as a paradigm on climate change and clean energy, in Minas S., Ntousas V. (ed), EU Climate Diplomacy. Politics, Law and Negotiations, (Routledge 2018)
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  • An Economic Analysis of Public Law. Demos And Agora, Edward Elgar, 2020
  • Liberalism and Social democracy. The European rational choice, in Greek, Eurasia publications, Athens, 2021.
  • Greening Luxembourg? Environmental rights after the 2021 amendments of EU Aarhus Regulation, greening-luxembourg-environmental-rights-after-the-2021-amendments-of-eu-aarhus-regulation
  • La protection combinée de l’environnement et des investissements, défi du droit public de l’économie, Revue de Droit Public, 4/2022.947
  • Les ïles, une matière presque ignorée par le droit public grec, Revue Française de droit administratif, 3/2023.421
  • La crise de la dette grecque et les leçons tirées pour le droit public interne et européen. Est-ce la sortie de la surveillance renforcée, la fin du drame ? La protection combinée de l’environnement et des investissements, défi du droit public de l’économie, Revue du Droit Public, 5/2023.1152