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Private Law (Commercial Law)

Visiting address: Akadimias 47, 2nd Floor                         




Effie Kinini is an Assistant Professor at the Law School of the University of Athens (Sector of Commercial Law) teaching Competition Law; Competition and Regulation: The examples of telecoms and energy; Industrial Property Law (intellectual property rights and law of unfair trading practices); Securities Law; Private Insurance Law. Education: Graduate of the Universities of Athens (LL.B., 1996; LL.M in Commercial Law, 1998; LL.M in Civil Law, 2000; PhD in Competition Law, 2004) and London (MA in Economics for Competition Law, 2008). Academic Experience: Lecturer at the University of Aegean (Department of Business Administration) (2007-2009); Lecturer at the Law School of the University of Athens (2010-2017); Assistant Professor at the same school (as from 2017). Scientific Experience:  Member of the Board of the Hellenic Copyright Organization (2010-2011). Member of Legislative Committees reforming competition law and consumer law. Member of the scientific Association of Greek Commercialists. Professional experience: Lawyer at the Athens Bar (as from 1998). Involved in competition cases before the Hellenic Competition Commission and in ligation cases before civil courts related to a wide range of areas of private law. Legal Advisor at the Deputy Minister’s Office of the Ministry of Development (2000-2001) and the General Secretariat for Consumer Protection (2009-2012). Lawyer at the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) (as from 2012). Languages: English, German, French. 

She is teaching General Commercial Law (Securities Law); Law of industrial property rights (trademarks, patents); Competition Law (undergraduate level); Insurance Law (Erasmus), Competition Law (postgraduate level); Competition and Regulation: The examples of energy and telecommunications services (postgraduate level); Maritime Insurance Law (postgraduate level).



She is the author of numerous articles. Her principal monographs and edited volumes in the fields of Competition Law, Insolvency Law, Company Law and Banking Law include: IEL, Competition Law in Greece (Editor D. Tzouganatos), Wolters Kluwer, 2015, pp.  42-51, 58-79, 86-91, 142-143, 164-173, 182-193, 204-229; The Refusal to Grant Licences for Intellectual Property Rights in Competition Law, Study of Commercial and Maritime Law 31, Ant. N. Sakkoulas editions, Athens-Komotini, 2004; Collective Rights Organizations and Competition Law, Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, 2001; Payment Services. The private law aspects of the Law 3862/2010 (implementing the provisions of PSD), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, 2016; Issues of international jurisdiction in European Insolvency Law, Study of Commercial and Maritime Law 36, Ant. N. Sakkoulas editions, Athens-Komotini; The Law of Cross-Border Insolvency. European and International (Editors G. Michalopoulos, L. Athanassiou), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, 2020, pp. 160 - 278, 297 - 367, 452 – 489; Conversions (transformation) and mergers of companies.Commentary of Law 4601/2019 (Editor G. Sotiropoulos), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens, 2021, interpretation of articles 22, 46, 74, 75, 96, 104, 105, 134.



Participation in scientific organisations:

  • Member of the Association of Greek commercialists;
  • Member of Ascola (Academic Society for Competition Law);
  • Vice President of the Committee for the Administration of Insolvency (since 2020)