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45, Akadimias str., 10672 Athens, Greece | E-mail:avarver[at]law.uoa[dot]gr 

Alexandros VARVERIS, Special Laboratory Educational Staff and Deputy Director of LLI, holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science and an MSc in Information Science. Alexandros, has completed a PhD at the University of Athens with a thesis entitled “Secure Information Exchange between Administrations of Different Countries”.

He has been a member of staff at the School of Law for 18 years, managing the former multimedia lab (now LLI), while teaching at the seminar of the under-graduate course “Legal Informatics”. He has been a collaborator of the Judicial Studies Consortium working as a Statistical Research Analyst for a Project entitled “Contribution towards an Effective Justice” and, for six years, he has been teaching the subject of Digital Libraries and Integrated Library Applications at the Department of Library Science and Information Systems, Faculty of Management and Economics at the Technical Educational Institution of Athens.

Additionally, for several years he is the technical representative of the International Commission of Civil Status (Strasbourg, France) for the electronic communication of Civil-Status Authorities. From 2000 to 2016 he has also worked, in several research projects at the National Centre for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, Division of Applied Technologies & Research Support, regarding information exchange and e-government. He has several publications on the above fields.

Latest Publication

  1. Varveris, A. and Panagopoulou, F. (2019). The challenge of personal data protection in the digital era and global responses. In: M. Susi, ed., Human Rights, Digital Society and the Law: A Research Companion. New York: Routledge. 
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