This is to remind postgraduate students with admission year 2020-2021 that the deadline for the submission of postgraduate thesis has been extended until Monday, November 15, 2021.

All the postgraduate theses must be sent only electronically to pms[at]law.uoa[dot]gr  taking into account the following:

The email must be shared to the three-member committee as it has been appointed.

The exact title of the dissertation should be written in the email Subject.

The sentence "Please accept my dissertation" should be written in the body of the email.

Postgraduate students sign a declaration of non-infringement of intellectual property, which must be attached to all submitted dissertations.

Postgraduate students are required to make an electronic submission of their dissertation in final form after academic support on the platform "PERGAMOS" which is the Institutional Repository of EKPA.

Step-by-step guide to submitting a thesis/dissertation electronically and a list of useful documents for the standard format of thesis/dissertation are included ΗΕRE (