History and Theory of Law

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Akadimias 45, Athens 10672 (2nd Floor, Room 208) | Email:  kpapag[at]law.uoa[dot]gr, albericogentili[at]gmail[dot]com



Konstantinos Papageorgiou is Professor of Philosophy of Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Law and Professor at the “Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program in Bioethics” in the University of Crete. He received his law degree from the University of Athens (Άριστα = Summa cum laude) and his PhD (Dr. jur) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Summa cum laude). From 1986 to 1990 he also served as academic assistant to Arthur Kaufmann and researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of Law. Since 1996 he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on Jurisrpudence, Ethics and Politics in the University of Athens, Law School. In fall term 2005 he was Stanley Seeger Research Fellow at Princeton University. His publications include five books and over 60 articles in Greek, English and German academic journals and volumes.

His main research areas are Philosophy of Law and Theory of Criminal Law, Liberalism and Republicanism, the Theory of Just War and Global Justice, Freedom, Equality and Democracy. Occasionally he also contributes in the fields of Intellectual History, Bioethics and Philosophy of Art. His Munich doctoral dissertation was published by Nomos Verlag under the title “Schaden und Strafe. Auf dem Weg zu einer Theorie der strafrechtlichen Moralität” (Baden Baden, 1994). Also, he is the author of the following monographs: The Political Possibility of Justice - Contract and Consent in John Rawls”, Νisos: Athens 1994, War and Justice, A Political Philosophy for the World, Polis: Athens 2008 and more recently “Duties to Refugees”, Polis: Athens 2018, a book based on Prof. Papageorgiou’s plenary session lecture at the 2017 World Conference of IVR in Lisbon (The session proceedings will soon be published in English by Steiner Verlag).

Moreover, Prof. Papageorgiou is a co-editor for the section “Liberty and Equality” of the IVR Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy published by Springer, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Foundation of the Greek Parliament (since 2006) and a member of the Board of Directors of the European Cultural Centre at Delphi. His forthcomimg lectures and publications include: “Ideals of Freedom in the Greek Revolution” (co-authored with Prof. P. Kitromilidis) in “The Greek Revolution in the Age of Revolutions (1776-1848). “Reappraisals and Comparisons” (conference deferred for spring 2021;  the papers will be published by Routledge) and “Αuthority and Legitimacy of Law”, plenary session talk at the Conference of the German Association of Philosophy of Law in Munich (deferred for fall 2021). In 2019 he received the Greek State Special Award for an “essay on a socially significant issue”. Currently he is working on a book entitled “Equality as Freedom”, which is close to completion.