Contact Details

Law School of the University of Athens: Akadimias str 47, 10672, Athens



Assistant professor in Civil Law at the Faculty of Law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Ph.D (University of Athens).

Teaching courses: General principles of civil law, Real property law, Applications of civil law, Environmental law (undergraduate studies). Breach of contract in comparative perspective, Data protection law (postgraduate studies), Erasmus: Introduction to the Greek civil law.

Selected Publications

  1. Dikaiopraktikes apagoreuseis diatheseos (Inalienability by private will), 2009.
  2. Authaireti domisi: Zitimata idiotikou dikaiou Arbitrary construction: Private law issues), 2020.
  3. Family and Succession Law in Greece3 (Kluwer 2019) in collaboration with I. Andoulidakis – Dimitriadis+.
  4. Collaboration, as national reporter, in the collective works ‘Mistake, Fraud and Duties to Inform in European Contract Law’ edited by R. Sefton-Green (Cambridge University Press 2004) and
  5. ‘Security Rights in Movable Property in European Private Law’ edited by E.-M. Kieninger (Cambridge University Press 2004)-  European Common Core Project.
  6. Articles and comments on court decisions concerning mainly private law.

Ancillary Activities

National reporter since 1995 in the permanent project «The Common Core of the European Private Law – The Trento Project», which takes place annually in Italy (universities of Trento and Torino).