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The Law Faculty libraries belong to the Central Library of Law, Economics and Political Science of the University of Athens. They have open access and they mainly serve the academic community, supporting research and teaching with modern information and documentation services. At present the Law libraries are spatially distributed, but they are currently working towards their consolidation into a single Central Library at the site of the old Chemistry.

Law Library (Law Study Hall)

Address: 33 Ippokratous Street, 2nd floor
Staff: Vasiliki Strakantouna, Librarian
Anna Chountala, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 9.00-18:00, Friday: 09.00-17.00
Tel: +30 210 3688354, +30 210 3688355

Commercial and Maritime Law Library

Address: 33 Ippokratous Street, 6th floor
Staff: Nikolaos Pagonis, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Tel: +30 210 3688355

Penal Sciences Library

Address: 57 Solonos Street, 2nd floor
Staff: Triantafullia Ntanaka, Librarian
Myrsino Tarani, Librarian
Eirini Chalkiadaki, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 09.00-19:00, Friday: 09.00-16:00
Tel: +30 210 3688731

Public Law Library

Address: 33 Ippokratous Street, 5th floor
Staff: Polyxeni Gkouva, Librarian
Charikleia Ramma, Librarian
Vasiliki Georgiou, Specialized Technical Laboratory Staff
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:00
Tel: +30 210 3688371, +30 210 368856

Private International and Comparative Law Library

Address: 33 Ippokratous Street, 2th floor
Staff: Evaggelia Niavi, Administrative Staff
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 10.00-17.00
Tel: +30 210 3688376

Labour and Social Insurance Law Library

Address: 33 Ippokratous Street, 6th floor
Staff: Anastasia Kiousi, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Tel: +30 210 3688361

Public International Law Library and European Law Library

Address: 14 Sina Street, 3rd floor
Staff: Aspasia Zirou, Librarian
Dimitra Mpoulougouri, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday: 09:00-18:00, Tuesday and Wednesday: 08:00-16:00, Thursday: 08:00-18:00 Friday: 08:00-15.00
Tel: +30 210 3615812

Law History Library

Address: 47 Akadimias Street, 2nd floor
Staff: Soultana Ioannou, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Tel: +30 210 3688660

Civil Procedure Library

Address: 33 Ippokratous Street, 3rd floor
Staff: Panagiota Koufostathi, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday-Friday: 09:00-15:00
Tel: +30 210 3688358

Philosophy of Law Library

Address: 33 Ippokratous Street, 4th floor
Staff: Olga Mpakkali, Administrative Staff
Eleni Amirali, Librarian
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday: 09:00-15:00, Friday: 09:00-18:00
Tel: +30 210 3688392

The opening hours of the libraries are determined at the beginning of each academic year, taking into account the availability of the staff.

Committee Organization and Offered Services

The libraries of the Law Faculty organize their collections according to the international librarian standards, taking under consideration the particular needs of legal research and science. The majority of library materials are registered in the automated library catalogue of the University of Athens, while the retrospective cataloguing of older publications is in motion.

You can have access to all available library services through the Athens University library website. You also have access to specialised Greek and foreign legal databases such as: "ISOKRATIS", "NOMOS", "LawNet.gr" (access available only on specific days and hours per library and only to students and the academic staff of the Law Faculty), "Westlaw International", "Beckonline premium", "Heinonline" (access from the entire UOA through the "bibliographic database" service).

Interlibrary Loan

You can order journal articles from Greek academic and specialised libraries or the British Library through the National Network of Scientific Libraries. This service is temporarily available only at the Law Library (Law Study Hall). There is also an interlibrary loan service between the Faculty and the Law School Library of the Aristotle University. This service is temporarily available only at the Law Library (Law Study Hall). The cost will be borne by the individual concerned.

Library Services Training

The first ten days of each academic year, after notice, the library staff in conjunction with the management and the staff members of the Faculty of Law, organize seminars on the services offered through the libraries. Similar seminars can be organised throughout the year, providing there is sufficient interest.

Thesis and Dissertation Filing

Each library of the Law Faculty collects and archives the postgraduate dissertations according to their subject matter. According to the Faculty of Law, postgraduate students are required to submit their dissertation to the relevant library both in print and electronic form. There is a specific layout and format template that needs to be followed.

Access to the full text of the digital material is possible through either the library Pergamos or the automated library catalogue of the University of Athens.

According to the law 1566/1985, PhD theses should be submitted to the National Archive of PhD theses. Postgraduate dissertations are gathered and sent via the national repository which is maintained by the National Documentation Centre. A corresponding file of PhD theses is kept in the Department of Law. An extra copy should also be filed at the Law Library (Law Study Hall), which supports the processes of these services.

Policies for Facilities and Equipment

  • The library must promote respect towards users and their rights and they must facilitate seamless access to services and information tools.
  • The staff is responsible for the organization and proper functioning of the library.
  • The staff provides guidance on the use of each library and the electronic publication resources.
  • Users are required to adhere to library regulations, protect the material, and be quiet in the library premises.
  • Before entering the study halls users must supply a police or student ID to the library staff and place their belongings in the specially designed cabinets.
  • Each library has a number of public computers available for scientific research and communication. You may not install programs or modify settings.
  • The use of library materials is subject to the provisions of the current legislation on Copyright and Related Rights (Law 2121/93), as subsequently amended, in particular with Article 14 of Law 3049/2002 and Article 81 of Law 3057/2002. Evidence is provided for private study. Saving and/or printing of evidence is forbidden, as well as all commercial use.
  • Borrowing library materials is not allowed. Certain pages of each material can be reproduced for private use, providing that the normal exploitation of the work is not affected and no undue hardship is caused to the legitimate interests of the right holder.
  • Cell phone use, consumption of food and beverages, and smoking is not allowed on the library premises.