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The Law Faculty is mainly located at 3 Sina Street (Hall of Theoretical Sciences) and at 45 Akadimias Street, where the offices of the Secretariat and most classrooms and exam rooms are found.

A number of classrooms and faculty offices  of the Teaching and Research Staff are located at the Hall of Theoretical Sciences, at 33 Ippokratous Street,  at 45 Akadimias Street, at 9 Asklipiou Street and at 14 Sina Street (3rd floor).

More specifically:

Secretariat (tel: +30 210 3688646, +30 210 3688644)

The Secretariat of the Law Faculty is located on the ground floor of 45 Akadimias Street, where you will also find the offices of the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman and the Secretary of the Department. Mrs Eleni Koureli is Head of the Secretariat. Operating Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30 a.m. - 1: 30 pm.


Offices of the Teaching and Research Staff

The offices of the Teaching and Research Staff of the Law Faculty are located at 33 Ippokratous Street (Department of Private Law A and B, Department of Public Law) and at 45 Akadimias Street (Department of Penal Sciences, Department of History, Philosophy and Sociology of Law, Department of International Studies). Certain offices still remain at 9 Asklipiou Street and 14 Sina Street (3rd floor). In every office there is a notice concerning office hours, during which students can communicate with the teaching staff regularly.


Classrooms - Exam Rooms

The lectures and the written examinations of the modules take place primarily in the Hall of Theoretical Sciences, specifically in the following rooms:

- New building (next to the old building), 3 Sina Street: Oikonomidou Hall (ground floor), rooms 2 and 1 (1st floor), room 3 (first floor mezzanine), rooms 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 (second floor)

- 45 Akadimias Street: Rooms A, B and C (first floor)

- 7a Ippokratous Street : Great Hall (1st floor)


Multimedia Room (tel. +30 210 368 8174)

The Multimedia Room of the Law Faculty is located at 9 Asklipiou Street, on the 1st floor and is open daily 9:00 a.m. - 4: 00 pm. In this area students can enjoy free internet access and access to selected digital libraries through a series of existing PCs, using their registration number and personal code (PIN).  On the 2nd floor of the building there is a fully equipped filming studio.